Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Your Ring

You bought me a ring once. It was a pretty ring, but cheap I suspected. Not that I cared.
You told me the ring symbolized your love for me. You told me many pretty, cheap things like that.
Well, y'know what I've realized? The ring you bought to "symbolize your love for me" is too big for my ring finger. It strays from where it's supposed to be... It flew off one day and I almost lost it... It gets twisted around and screwed up so it's facing the wrong way....
Yes... I'd say that's a pretty accurate description of your love for me.

My note: Just to beat the rumour mill, this isn't based on something that really happened to me, haha. And the picture was taken by me.


  1. I think you have a wonderful blog here,
    and your musical tastes are totally compatible with mine.
    ( Really love your other blog for introducing me
    to all those lovely artists of the month!)
    Please don't stop writing.
    I love your words.

  2. Thank you so much!! This has brightened my day immeasurably! You have no idea how much this encourages me. :)
    Thank you again for your sweet words! I hope you have wonderful day. :)


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