Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Train's Cry

Some nights as I lie in bed, my thoughts wandering around, I hear it: an unexpected train’s whistle in the distance.
When I hear its faint wail in the night I feel inspired… it makes me want to write beautiful things. It makes me want to sing!
It may seem ridiculous but it’s just such a wonderful, inexplicable feeling when I hear the train’s cry. It’s like a slight snatch of a ghost story, a call of loneliness, a beckoning of adventure, part of a love story that’s waiting to be finished.
If hearing this whistle were a frequent thing, I think it would lose all of its magic. But the rarity of it is one of the most delicious parts.

Though it’s true modern trains have little romance. They have become cargo-haulers. Graffiti-bearers. But from far away, all alone in the darkness, it could be an old-fashioned steam train… for all I know.
It makes me give a happy sigh in the darkness.

{Also, I think this is a subconscious reason why I named this blog “The Midnight Train of Thought”. If I could, I would marry a train conductor. Definitely. :)}

{Photo found here.}


  1. I loved this post as I love trains and train travel too!
    You are a lovely writer and I really enjoy your blog.
    I've NO idea how I found you.
    But I'm so glad I did.

  2. I'm so glad that you love trains as well! :)
    Awww, thank you!! Well, I'm glad you found my blog too. You've made my day {er, night!} happier! :)


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