Monday, August 18, 2014

la vie

I just posted on my music blog, so I thought I'd come over here and see what's going on.

Oh yeah. I haven't posted in over a year.


I'm not even sure who's still around. I shall try and figure that out tomorrow so I can visit some of you.

What's been going on since I last posted? Er. I don't even know.

Some highlights:

  • rediscovering my passion for musical theatre
  • completing my first NaNoWriMo!!!
  • taking an actual English class at a community college
  • becoming even more happy and comfortable in my queerness (read: sapphic desires)
  • joining my county's choir with my best friend (Most of the group is 50+ years old. It's amazing.)
  • still feeling lost in life, but having less heavy sad spells
That last one happened in the past month. He has been so much work, but so much fun.

His name's Pete and he's a cockapoo who is NOT AS INNOCENT AS HE LOOKS.

Okay, I'll go before I start complicating this simple update. I don't even know if anyone is around anymore. *waves hi anyway*