Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Whispered Words

“Words taste better when they’re whispered.”
You tell me, almost confidingly, as we lay on the bed.
A book lays open in front of you… waiting.
I smile in anticipation and then you begin.
Each sentence you speak is like a secret that hangs in the air or tickles in my ear.
Letters form a trickle down your lips and fall into a puddle of ideas and thoughts.
Your voice gets softer; it slowly caresses every word then lets it free.
I close my eyes and lie in the sound of the spell you weave.
Your whispers are so quiet now I’m sure each murmur will be your last.
Your reading is never uneven or stilted, but smooth;
Silky ribbons that wrap around me,
A ship that is gently rocking…..
When your voice fades away I am not aware.
Nor do I see your smile as you carefully wrap your arms around me; the sleeping form that lies beside you…who was lulled to sleep by your whispered words.


  1. I love this,
    i feel like i can touch these moments.
    "Letters form a trickle down your lips and fall into a puddle of ideas and thoughts."
    I can feel the texture of these words almost, and thats kind of amazing.
    i hope you keep sharing your writing.

  2. Thank you, Lilah!! Your words are so encouraging to me cause often I feel very nervous & uncertain about posting things like this that I've written.


Silhouettes of a secret. A story told over a cuppa. Or perhaps just sitting on that stone bench, basking in the moonlight... and not saying anything at all.

("I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks." -Shakespeare, Twelfth Night)