Friday, May 28, 2010

Embrace Life Ad

I saw this seat belt advocacy ad the other day when a friend posted it on Facebook. I thought it was just so sweet and beautiful that I had to share. :)

{I know Blogger cuts off the video's edge which can be rather irksome, so to watch it on youtube click here.}

{Always wear your seat belt. Always.}


  1. oh my god, that IS beautiful. i was expecting another mundane ad but this was different.

    melee, where is the picture from on your sidebar - not the parapluies de cherbourg one, the one of the man and woman on a dining car on a train. it reminds me of 'north by northwest' but i know it isn't. is it from a film in particular?

  2. Me too! I was extremely surprised. :)

    Yes, actually! It's from the film "Before Sunrise". :)


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