Friday, July 1, 2011

Letters never sent. (Vol. II)

{~Vol. I can be read here, if you're so inclined!~}

Dear Filing Cabinets at the Clinic Where I Volunteer,
You scare me.
Especially the shelves containing SA-ZI.
I don't think you can handle many more files.
If you ever get angry, please do not spill them all on my head.

With apprehension,

Dear S-- (or the lady who works at the back desk of the aforementioned clinic),
You have the most soothing telephone voice I have ever heard.
Seriously; it's beautiful.

Your admirer,

Dear Chocolate and Peanut Butter,
You are truly a match made in heaven and your deliciousness is dangerous to me.

Hungrily yours,

Dear Library,
It's been over 2 months now...
I miss you.
I don't think you really need to be "renovated";
I love you just the way you are!
Don't worry, the other library will never replace you in my heart:
you will always be my Library.
See you next year...

With sadness,

Dear Perfect Stranger,
I miss you,
or at least the intrigue you brought to my life.
I don't suppose I shall ever know your name now.
It hardly seems fair since you know all three of mine.
Ah, well.

Quixotically yours,

Dear Muse (AKA "Marjorie"),
Well, I am happy that you have returned, and bearing such lovely gifts too.
It's weeks like these that make me regret how often I express my dislike of you.
I apologize for calling you a "fickle fribbler" the other day,
I meant it in the most affectionate way possible, I assure you.....

Your Dearest Frenemy,

Darlingest Blog Readers,
This is just to say I am going on vacation this weekend, starting tonight.
Actually, my dad has no vacation time (new job!!!) so it's a staycation. Meaning, we will be at home for the most part or doing fun things nearby.
But my sister advocated no computer usage (which is a good idea, despite my reluctant participation), so I won't be on here commenting &c. till Tuesday maybe.
Try not to miss me, hehe!

All my love and a little extra,


P.S. I'm not sure you all have any idea how much I love and appreciate each and every one of you! <3


  1. I especially like one, hehe. (I love the feeling of admiring things like that about people, especially voices because most people don't pay much attention to them.) I hope you have a lovely 'staycation'! <3

  2. "I don't suppose I shall ever know your name now.
    It hardly seems fair since you know all three of mine."

    So true... And I agree 100% about the library renovation, too--one of our local ones just got renovated, and I really miss the *tall* bookshelves now. But maybe it was just me...

  3. Lumina: Voices are one of the things I notice most about people, I don't know why. :)
    Thank you! I'm hoping so too... <3

    Marian: Totally not just you! The library I have to go to now was renovated a few years ago and I'm practically as tall as the shelves. I don't like it. (Actually, the shelves are very tall in the NF section. Needless to say, that's my favourite section, hehe.) I'm afraid my library will suffer the same shortened-shelves fate. *siiiiigh*

  4. Haha, I love that you named your muse. (I'm very curious, how did the perfect stranger learn all three of your names? I didn't know you actually talked to him...)

  5. These letters are fabulous, I might just write my own some day. I've been missing my own library, for a slightly more embarrassing reason. Enjoy your staycation, I am doing the same this summer.

  6. This is SO CUTE.
    I used up all my words so I shall simply say, enjoy your stayvaction.

  7. I agree with Heather. This is SO CUTE.
    I love the letter for your library!

    :) Enjoy the rest of the day, love!

  8. I agree that time away from the computer is much needed at times (as difficult as it may be!). These are lovely, they remind me of my journal entries to myself but really meant for others. I think I shall begin visiting libraries, they seem a rather calming place to be, especially during that dark evening time when everything begins to go quiet.

    xx and hugs


  9. AVY: Oh, I wish I could! On some of them I can't and others would certainly label me as a creeper, hehe. :)

    Jenica: Hehe, I only very recently picked a name for her, she's been needing one for a while. :)
    Weeeell, he worked at... guess where? my library! and quite a few times I had to ask him to fetch my holds in the back for me (because he was often at the front desk where one goes to do such things). So, my full name pops up when card is scanned, as well as being printed on the slips inserted in my holds and the receipts as well. I figure that would give even the densest of persons ample opportunity to learn my name. Ha!
    So technically, I did talk to him even. But not to say anything of significance.

    Shopgirl: Thank you; you should! They're quite therapeutic and fun to write. Aww, haha - well it's ok to miss your library for whatever reason.
    I did enjoy it! I hope you enjoy yours as well when you have it. :)

    Heather: Hehe, thanks! I enjoyed it lots. <3

    haze: Thanks, dearling! =D Same to you! <3

    Jhordyn Ashley: It is indeed! It's nice to have someone around to give me the push to do that. I have a few journal entries like that, as well. The library is my solace. Deciding to go there more often has been a choice I've never regreted. :)

  10. Waah, sorry I'm late to read this post. *dusts off coat and stamps feet clear of snow*

    These letters are amazing. Please write entries like this once in a while, because I love how each letter is only a few sentences, but it tells me a lot about you (and I also related to them myself, haha).

    The perfect stranger one is awesome. Probably my favorite (besides the filing cabinets). I feel like I could write something like that to said perfect stranger and actually feel kind of brave, since it's so clever.

    Have a fun staycation! You must feel relieved to be off the computer for a bit. If it wasn't for my manuscript goal, I wouldn't be online so much, haha. Darn goals :D

  11. Better late than never! Come sit by the fire, you look cold. :)

    Awww, Kim - thank you!!! Your comment brightened my day immensely. I may just have to do these posts more often than the once a year I seem to do them.

    Thank you so much! I wish its writing had inspired me with some bravery. :)

    I had a great staycation! I realized I could read about 3 books a day when deprived from the internet! Haha, stupid goals; they do interfere so. ;) Good luck with that goal, by the way!

    P.S. - You rock! Have I ever told you that? <3


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