Friday, November 19, 2010

Perfect Stranger

Across a room that teems with faces
Is your face. A stranger's face.
You're a perfect stranger,
My perfect stranger.
I've never seen a stranger as perfect as you!
So perfect for me!

I hate missed connections and
This threatens to be one.
So, let's meet
Quickly! Before it's too late
And we leave on separate paths.
Divided without ever being whole,
Without knowing our perfect strangers.
For I hope that I am your perfect stranger too?

Some day, I think, we will be strangers
No more.
A little strange? Admittedly.
Estranged? Never!
Perfect for each other? Always.

{Picture from the film Amélie.}


  1. i absolutely adore amelie
    and this post is really good.
    i know the feeling.
    but i sometimes wonder whether that was my chance. and now it's too late.
    with love,

  2. Oh this is funny. I was reading missed connections today just for fun.
    And did you meet your stranger? Or is this not based on anything that happened to you?

  3. Lilah: Me too! It's such an adorable film.
    And thank you! Sometimes I wonder that too. But I try not to think about "what-ifs" too often cause they stress me out. Haha...

    Jenica: I like to read missed connections sites for fun too! I find them fascinating though a little sad.
    Actually, yes, it is kind of based on real life. Sadly, I haven't met him and doubt I will. Though I do see him every week. {Same place, same time.} :)

  4. So beautiful, you're very lucky to have your perfect stranger! :)

  5. I must say, Amélie is the most fascinating movie I have seen, ever. I can't stop watching it. Thanks for this awesome post!

  6. Ever: Thank you. :) I don't know if I'm lucky... more like absurd and chimerical. ;)

    CrazedFixation: Hehe, you're welcome. I know what you mean! Amélie just warms my heart. :)

  7. Melee, it is so strange - I actually watched Amelie for the first time today, and then logged on to blogspot to find this :)
    It is so wonderful, I can't believe I hadn't watched it before!
    I hope very much that you and this stranger won't be strangers forever...

  8. Such a lovely post! I especially loved this bit:

    "And we leave on separate paths.
    Divided without ever being whole"

    Amelie is delightful; I've been meaning to watch it again. <3

  9. Minna: Isn't it funny how things work out like that? Thank you, dear. I rather hope so too... <3

    Princess Camille: Thank you so much! Amélie is so very delightful. Too bad we can't have a movie night and watch it together! <3

    Zaira Mabel: Thank you ever so much. :)

  10. Ah, i see! Haha. Melee, you are for me a mystery! I love this post :)♥

    P.S. Are you still strangers to each other?
    I hope not!

  11. Thank you very much, Haze!

    Mmm, yes and no. Mostly yes, though. Our conversations have never gone beyond monosyllabic, work-related: "Could you...?" "Thank you!" "Have a nice day." That sort of thing. ;)

  12. Aww! At least there is something... Sometimes it's better than nothing... Simple things that makes you blush or smile... :)

  13. I figure it's little more than a passing fancy. But yes, it gives a little light to my weeks so I will enjoy it while it lasts. :)


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