Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inconvenient Inspiration

Oh, my inconvenient inspiration;
always tapping at my window at the
worst possible time

{-"How much school did you get done this morning?"
-"Er, well, none... But! I wrote a story! Four pages long!"}

Ah, my incorrigible inspiration;
wanting to sit on my bed and talk
into the wee hours of the morning

{-"How late did you stay up last night?"
-"Um, 2 AM. I finally figured out how to write the next chapter of my novel, though!"}

Ugh, my impatient inspiration;
pulling my hand, my clothes, my hair
till I give it enough attention

{-"Have you finished filling in those charts yet?"
-"Almost!" *hides post-it note with poem-in-progress*}

Is my muse malicious or merely oblivious
to the things I have to do?
I would turn it away... but how can I?
It is everything to me.


The funny thing is, the idea for this came literally as I was stepping into the shower. So the whole time I was showering I was writing this in my head, hoping it wouldn't go away before I could write it down. Inconvenient Inspiration strikes again! :P

In other news, I had all of my wisdom teeth out yesterday, as did my sister. I feel horrible... because I'm not in pain and she is. I've done remarkably well, apparently. I have had some pain but it's not been that bad especially compared to my sister. My main problem has been with my holes/wounds seeping bIood. I woke up this morning looking a bit like a vampire, heh.


  1. "I would turn it away... but how can I?
    It is everything to me."

    Those last two lines... I 100% agree! My muse comes a lot more often than it used to, because I think I've groomed it to show up when I need it (which is totally doable, but it makes many months of forcing yourself to write everyday). A lot of times it does show up at random, and in shocking ways.

    Example: yesterday morning I was in the car on the way to a doctor's appointment. I wasn't planning on thinking about anything in particular, but in a sudden moment - bam! An idea for a Birdcage Girl sequel. SCARY. Because I didn't plan on writing a sequel when the first book is done. But the more I think about it, the more the idea is getting cozy. I'm starting to like it. So we'll see, haha.

    Ah, my brother got his wisdom teeth taken out last summer. He didn't look so bad, but he napped a lot and had bleeding problems, much like you report. Gives me the shivers. I haven't gotten mine taken out, but I kind of hope it'll happen soon, since it supposedly gets harder to take out the older you are. Brrr. Don't feel to bad about your sister. I'm sure she's in pain (so don't get me wrong), but I've heard many times that each person experiences getting their wisdom teeth out in a different way. Seems to be a strange fact of life.

  2. I love it when I think a story is complete but my muse says, "Oh no, my friend...!" It's wonderful yet rather tiring. And just so you know, if you do end up writing this sequel, I'm ready to read it! =D

    It's true, everyone reacts to having their teeth out so differently! I'm learning that now... with my sister and I, and also hearing everyone else's stories.
    So, it's hard to say whether or not you should dread it or not. Just keep those smoothies, ice cream, ice packs, and pain pills nearby and you'll be fine! It's been great for me. I've just been vegetating, reading, writing, and watching an insane amount of Gilmore Girls. My main problem is stifling the laughter 'cause that makes it hurt. :)

  3. This is completely true--everything I write seems to be written when I'm doing something else. :P
    Postscript: I've been meaning to read through your blog for a while now, and I finally did today! I'm glad I did; your writing is really beautiful. <3

  4. Inconvenient inspiration is common for a lot of writers, I've noticed, including myself. I used to not write down ideas even when I had a paper somewhat nearby... But losing ideas got frustrating, heh.

    Oh, and my favorite song from Colour Green is "Forget About." I like her more solemn songs. How about you? :)

  5. Your muse is alive and healthy. What a gift. Sometimes I wish my muse would have a bit more energy. It seems to need lots of naps throughout the day in order to function. (Ps, I absolutely LOVE it when I start composing things in my head and then I have to memorise every single word so that I don't forget any of it when it comes to writing it down.) x

  6. Ahhh, the thought of having my teeth out fills me with dread! I loathe teeth and anything untoward to do with them, even when they're only wobbly. Dentist visits are an absolute nightmare. Eep! :( xx

  7. Lumina: Hehe, yep! That's the pervesity of inspiration for you. :)
    Oh, thank you so much! You're an absolute sweetheart. <3

    Jade: I've lost so many ideas too. Worst feeling ever!

    'Forget About' is a good one! It's hard to pick an absolute favourite, but I think it's 'I Lost Something in the Hills'. Sibylle does do solemn very well.

    Thea: Well, some weeks it's annoyingly garrulous and other weeks it goes into hibernation and refuses to wake no matter how much I prod it. This week it's alert and happy so I'm enjoying it whilst I can. :)
    I'm always a little apprehensive when I do that, for fear I will forget. But it's also exhilarating.

    holly and the wolves: Aww, I'm sorry, dear. I was filled with such dread weeks beforehand, but it was not nearly as frightening as I thought. And with wisdom teeth, it's a one time thing! Once it's done you never have to do it again. As for other teeth, just keep brushing and flossing and they should stay put. :)

  8. this is one of those posts that i can read a thousand times more and i can never get tired of.

    I would turn it away... but how can I?
    It is everything to me.

    ahhh. lovely.

    My wisdom teeth came out last month and it doesn't felt good at all. Actually my mother and i thought i have mouth ulcer then the dentist said it's the wisdom teeth. Urgh. Oh God, i wish i can stop myself from growing.

  9. Oh Melee, finally I can comment on your posts! You have no idea how many of my long, rambling messages to you have been deleted by blogger.

    Melee, all your words have this glorious undertone of truth, which is very rare on blogspot; but you've so beautifully unaware of how wonderful you are , so I'll tell you know: you are wonderful!

    By the way, I loved reading your e-mail but sadly my account's been under attack from spammers/hackers and I can't write back without potentially giving you a computer virus; but please know I never consider you to be a burden and every thing you write to me brightens my day infinitely.

    all my love,

  10. haze: Awww, thank you so mcuh, dear! <3

    Oh, I'm sorry! I hope that is feeling better. *sigh* I know - I wish I could stop growing too...

    Sarah: Yay!!! Ergh, deficient blogger. I'm not sure I shall ever forgive it for eating your comments.

    Oh, no I'm not...! But how can I doubt the words of someone so utterly wonderful as yourself? Thank you, beloved Sarah.

    Well, in that case - thank you for not emailing me, hehe. I hope that situation is soon rectified. I'm terribly glad my unburdenings/ramblings are not, well, burdensome! Having your listening ears means so ineffably much to me. <3

  11. Oh gosh Melee, this poem is so hilarious and clever! I love it, I really do! A muse can be so devious that way...
    Well, I hope your mouth and your sister's both recover soon and well.

  12. Thank you so much, Jenica. I am extremely happy you appreciate it. :)
    And.... *looks around furtively* ...I think my muse is out to get me. o_O

    We are both doing excellently, thank you! Still not quite eating normally, but we're getting there!

  13. You are a joy to read. I get the feeling you would be such fun to have over for tea and biscuits! You are so thoughtful and clever.

  14. Thank you, mckenzie! Your comment made my week. Month, even! Though I'm no stunning conversationalist I do keep those around me amused. Usually not on purpose, though. ;)

  15. haha, vampire, gross. Hope it's cleared up now.
    I always write in my head, usually while walking or running, but very rarely can I remember any of the gems from inside my head. Life is so much more fun in there but I have no idea how to share it!

  16. Haha, it was pretty gross. I think it's cleared up mostly now, thank goodness.

    Life is so much more fun in my head too, hehe. I hope you can find a way to let all that out. The world would certainly benefit. <3


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