Monday, January 17, 2011

running away, not going anywhere

let's not leave the house today…
shall we be rebellious for once?
you laugh at that – i'm serious!
say you'll stay in with me.
we could snuggle into the eiderdown's warm embrace,
open a recipe book at random and make the first thing we see.
proclaim our favourite poems to each other!
waltz to the melodies we sing, forgetting words and tripping over each other.
we could compose a song of love in a minor key
(for of course i love you!
i would not be willing to break the rules with just any old person, you know).
we'll be renegades together!
traitors to the mundane existence!
outcasts of society! i must say it sounds awfully fun…
so please, forget your job. forget your life.
forget everything except me and what we will do today.
we may never want to go back again…

I wrote this a couple months ago. But lately I've been wishing I really could run away from life. It's not that I am terribly unhappy it's just... life can just be a drag sometimes, you know?
Also, I've been wishing that I actually had someone that I'd want to "escape reality" with. That person is little more than an illusion I dreamed in the darkness to make loneliness seem less permanent.

{This is a minuscule playlist I made. These two songs reminded me of this post's concept so I thought, why not include them? Especially since they're by two of my most favourite artists. The first is 'Gold in the Air of Summer' by Kings of Convenience and the second is 'Our Day Trip' by Nina Nastasia. The lyrics can be found here and here.}

If you could run away, or rather, retreat from the real world where would you go? What would you do?

{Photo by me and made possible by my typewriter Donovan.}


  1. I would run away and live in a little cottage by the sea. I'd take photographs all day and write all night. My pens would never run out, and I could read for hours on end. I'd feast on frozen raspberries and crossants, and I'd have the same playlist of songs playing endlessly, but I'd never get tired of it.

  2. I wish I could run away from the real world too. I would go somewhere where I could be alone, hopefully with a special someone (when I one day have a special someone). Somewhere by a lake or into the woods, close to nature.
    Oh, these songs make me want to go now <3

  3. Oh yes, that poem you wrote is amazing...I can definitely relate to it. I love to hide out in a cozy home, preferably with a book, music (headphones on), and warm slippers. Or, if it's spring/summer, then I would go to a park (Like Borderland in Sharon, MA) and explore it with someone I love.

    Kings of of my favorites!!!

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  5. I love the poem! It's just plain wonderful! I've always loved the idea of having adventures at home. I also happen to love the Kings of Convenience so kudos!

    If I could escape to anywhere, I would probably find some slim, two-story brick building overlooking a lake in the middle of nowhere. With a smoking chimney. There would be numerous little rooms to explore, already furnished, and I could write comfortably for hours in any of them. I would be with my special someone and he would be busy too, creating something in the pleasant quiet along with the clacking of my keyboard. On breaks, we would go for a swim in the calm, clear lake and eat chicken salad sandwiches. Haha!

    (I erased the first post because of glaring grammatical errors - sorry 'bout that!)

  6. P.s. I am Me: Oh, oh, oh!! That sounds perfectly wonderful. <3

    E: How utterly marvelous! I'd like to be near woods too... alone, also, unless I had a special someone. (Which, obviously I don't.) The songs had the desired effect! I'm not sure if this is good or bad... <3

    Jade: Thank you! There is nothing quite so comforting as home is there?
    Aren't they simply wonderful? I do so love them... I'm delighted to find a fellow fan. :)

    CloudyKim: Thank you very much. Oh, yay! Yet another Kings of Convenience fan! No one I know seems to have heard of them... and now I know of two! =D

    Oh my goodness, yes! That sounds simply perfect!!

    Haha, no problem! I don't know anything about making mistakes.... of course not. ;)

  7. Oh, I like Kings of Convenience. And I love the "Gold in the Air of Summer"; I get such lovely images every time I listen to it!
    Your poem is beautiful. It made me smile and feel cozy.
    If I could retreat...A conifer forest. The kind dripping in glistening sap, crusted with lichen, and dusted with fairy-dust. There'd be a waterfall, and I'd have a cabin stocked with art supplies and all the best books: Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, Jane Eyre, Tolkien, The Little Prince...I'll stop listing now...

  8. oh, my dear, the photograph is so, so lovely! very lemony snicket-esque, which is great, because i love him. i would go all over the world, anywhere, everywhere, see everything. and my question to you is, where would you go? (ps, thank you for the songs; gold in the air of summer is breath-taking.) x

  9. Jenica: Oh!!! Yet another fan! I always knew they weren't that obscure! Haha. :)
    Thank you, my dear. Oh, goodness... what a beautiful dream-place you have conjured. Your taste in literature is excellent, by the way!

    Thea: Thank you very much! (I admit, I have never read Lemony Snicket though have heard many good things about his books.)
    That would be incredible to go all over the world! Oh, how very sweet of you to ask! Let me think... I think I would also opt for a cabin in the woods, very isolated, alone with a cat or two to keep me company. By firelight, I would fill pages with my writings at night and wander through the woods during the day. I would also have a piano so I could write songs in peace and play and sing to my heart's content. Actually, it would be nice if I had a certain someone who could come with me who could play an instrument and sing. We could write and record a simple, but beautifully desolate, album together. (An album kind of reminiscent of "Lost Wisdom".) Anyhow...
    I am so glad you liked the songs. :)

    Julia: Thank you very much. :)

  10. What an amazing poem! I know exactly what you mean, about running away. If I could go anywhere, it'd be in a cottage away from everyone and everything. I just want to live in peace, without technology; credit cards, debt, mobiles. For once, I'd just like to connect with my untainted side. I don't know how else to describe this concept.. but I do hope you know what I mean. :) xxxx

  11. Thank you so much, dearest Joanna. I know exactly what you mean! I've always wanted to "connect with my untainted side" as you so eloquently put it. <3

  12. Thank you Melee :)
    It means a lot <3

  13. I do wish I had a typewriter. How infectious this is! I love it so much. You always write such lovely things, dear. xx

  14. What an enthralling idea. Wonderful.

  15. P.s. I am Me: *hugs* <3

    mckenzie: It was a hand-me-down from my sister. She could never think of things to type on it - I, on the other hand, have no such problem! Thank you so much, dearest. You are so kind.

    John: Thank you ever so much! :)

  16. I would run away to the world I've created in my head. I go there on long walks and in daydreams. It doesnt exactly have a name, but I would know it anywhere. Lovely piece here dear.

    xx and hugs


  17. let's run away then :)
    Oh Melee, i love your poem... it makes me feel somewhat connected with you.


    p.s. i'm your new follower :)

  18. i think i would travel the world, or maybe move to a cambodian school and teach kids english and work hard all day and sleep well at night.
    or i would become a gypsy, i would run through fields bare foot
    and sing around campfires and my laughter would mingle with the bells on my dress, i would have plaits in my hair and books tucked under my arm .
    this is a lovely post and it really captures the idea.
    beautiful as always

  19. Jhordyn Ashley: How marvelous! I have a made-up country too. Thank you. :)

    haze: Yes, please! :)
    Oh, thank you, dear! Your sweet comment just warmed my heart!

    Lilah: I love all those ideas especially the gypsy one! I've often thought it would be exhilarating to be a gypsy. Thank you so much. <3

  20. "we'll be renegades together!
    traitors to the mundane existence!
    outcasts of society! i must say it sounds awfully fun…"

    My absolute favorite part. I love that poem through and through.
    I can't get enough of this post mainly because as a confused and crazed person myself, I want to run away from the dread and dreariness of life each and every day.

    I would most definitely run to New York City. I can see myself losing a true and fixed path there, and little by little- finding myself along the way.

  21. ♥Melee, thank you dear for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment to my blog...
    my pleasure to have warmed your heart :)


  22. Rucha: I thank you from the very bottom of my heart! I'm glad you appreciate my little poem so much.
    Running away to NYC sounds terribly thrilling! :)

    haze: You are more than welcome, m'dear! :)


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