Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Because the world needs more happy thoughts.

Here are a couple random things that have made my week happy:

I have been a part of a local, non-profit theatrical organization the past 8 years or so and this Spring they are putting on a production of Alice in Wonderland which I am going to be in!!
As in most versions, this play is a combination of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. I'm very excited to be in this play because those are two of my most favourite books ever!!! (The adaptation doesn't always follow the books as much as I would like, but c'est la vie.)

Auditions were on Saturday and I got the role of the White Rabbit! I am rather pleased about that.
I went into auditions not wanting any specific character but during auditions I decided that was the part I wanted most. I try not to get too attached to roles, though, in case I don't get them. :P (I don't view myself as an actress, really. Drama is a pleasant past time but I have no desire to pursue it later in life. I am a much better actress then I used to be, though. And I do get such an exhilaration from being on stage. I really don't understand how reticent moi could enjoy it so much, but I do.)

On Monday, my sister took us (my brothers, mom, & I) to her favourite used bookstore. We started in the children's section which was located downstairs but then moved upstairs to the "adult" books.
As I stood in the corner where the "A's" started and surveyed the shelves brimming with books just waiting for me, I couldn't decided whether it was heaven or hell! I suspect the latter since I grew very warm with all the bending over and developed a headache. Though the headache might have had something to do with the cat wandering about. (I am horribly allergic but I love cats so I pet them anyway.) I think all used bookshops should have cats. It was so wonderful to have that lissome black and white creature rubbing against my ankles obligingly as I perused the numerous titles.
Slowly and surely, I made my way through the adult fiction section. My purchases of the day were The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield and The Waves by Virginia Woolf. (Two books I read last year and loved.) I could have bought so much more since there were many books there to tempt me... But I don't have steady income so I try to keep my expenditures low. The two books I got were only about 10 dollars total. (I don't even want to tell you how many books my sister bought...! O_o)
I do hope to go back someday. I didn't even get to the poetry section!

Then, the next day (yesterday) I was at the Library looking at the books they have for sale in the foyer (books that people have donated and such). And usually, I can't find much that I want but I got lucky and found Inkheart by Cornelia Funke and Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf (which I haven't read yet but have been wanting to read). Got them both for $1.50! Oh yes.

Altogether it was a very good week for a bibliophile like me. But I have noticed the available spaces on my bookshelves are filling in rather rapidly......
What about you all? What has made you happy this week? :)

{Drawing of the White Rabbit is by Tenniel and other two pictures are mine.}


  1. This post made me smile over my cup of chamomile and lavender tea. Even though I was in a terrible mood before, your post + the tea has given me a more relaxed perspective. Thanks so much!

    Love how you love books, as I love them, too. A nice used book store with variety sounds heavenly. And congrats on being the white rabbit! How cool is that. :-)

  2. What's made me happy this week?
    Yesterday me and my friends went to see the new Disney film 'Tangled,' which I absolutely loved! And then afterwards we went each got an ice cream and went to the beach.
    That made me happy :)
    Congratulations on your part!
    It would be fun to play the rabbit, and I'm sure you'll do amazingly :)

  3. Congrats on getting the part! It's strange--I'm also reticent, actually rather shy and awkward among strangers, but I love acting and the stage.
    Happy things this week--well, my dad was going on an overnight business trip so I tagged along. It was fun, of course, for the reasons that made me want to go: I love long drives, and hotels, and spending time with Dad. As a bonus, I got to eat Japanese while we were out. I adore sushi, and I'd never had raw squid before...It was quite good.

  4. Jade: I'm elated that my post and the tea could work together to cheer you up! :)

    Tis heavenly indeed! Thank you very much. I am quite chuffed about it!

    P.s. I am Me: That sounds like an absolutely fun time! Thank you - I need to start working on my twitches and hops. ;)

    Jenica: Thank you! I am glad I'm not the only paradox in that respect!
    Oh, how cool! That sounds perfectly wonderful. I love long drives too and being able to spend one-on-one time with a parent is great. I have never eaten much Japanese food... raw squid sounds very, um, appetizing... hehe. I did have fried squid once. That was... interesting. =D

  5. Oh! That sounds thrilling! Congratulations on the role, dear :) You must take some photographs of the production - I'd love to see how it turns out. I miss the theatre and drama since I finished school. I think I'll have to join a theatre company soon. I remember the thrill of playing Lady Macbeth in the Macbeth play we did. I was so happy to have landed that role. I'm glad you had a good day :) xxxx

  6. Wooow! Congrats on the White Rabbit part. You should have someone take your picture in costume :D I think it's a great part - much more interesting than Alice (I'm a sucker for minor characters, haha). I'm sure you'll do great!

    Awesome job at finding those great book deals! Libraries are the perfect places for such surprising treasures. I once walked away with a giant biography of Lord Byron for free! (To think, they were just giving it away! Haha).

    As far as books go, I think I'm always buying new ones. Recently I've been searching Amazon to collect as many Sheilah Beckett illustrated books that I can. I'm obsessed with her artwork. I've finally picked up a copy of "James and the Giant Peach" (a childhood movie fav) and "Thumbelina: Tiny Runaway Bride" (which I already know makes fun of the fairy prince ending. I've got to suck it up and try to enjoy it anyway *loves the fairy prince*).

    Oh, and I saw on Goodreads that you're looking at reading "tinkers." I actually saw that today, and even brought it to the cashier to buy. However, I had to put it back at the last minute because I couldn't afford it with the other stuff I was getting. Poo. I'll probably order it through the library and see how it is :) Let me know what you think if you get to it first.

  7. Congratulations on your wonderful part!! I've always wanted to be in plays (other than Elementary school productions), especially Alice in Wonderland! I've been in several ballets, one of which was Alice in Wonderland. I didn't have a big part (I played the Tulip from "Through the Looking Glass") but it was still fun!

    Great choice in books! I do love "The Thirteenth Tale!" I have never read Virginia Wolfe before but you're inspiring me to read some of her work!

    Let's see, happy things this week... It's actually been a rather bland and long week. University has started up again and it is SO COLD walking around on Campus! It's been below 10ºF everyday this week except for today, and I'm not enjoying the homework load dumped on me. But I've discovered some new Logic Puzzles (which I absolutely LOVE) and have gotten some books I've been dying to read from the library, so those things have made me really excited! :D

    Good luck with your part in the play! I hope you have a beautiful and magical time! <3

    And thank you, as always, for your delightful comments on my blog! They always make me happy! (And you're right about saying 'buttercream' in a British accent–– I can't stop saying it now! :D )

  8. Joanne: Thank you so much! There is usually no shortage of cameras so that shouldn't be a problem!
    Oooh! Lady Macbeth?!? That is incredible! What an interesting role that must have been to perform. I have always wanted to be in one of Shakespeare's plays but sadly have not been... yet.

    CloudyKim: Thank you! I much prefer supporting characters too! They do tend to be more interesting. And I will as long as my costume is not too absurd. ;) My mom has been joking about a full-blown bunny costume. Oh gosh... But thankfully I know the costume comitee and they are not that cruel!

    Buying new books is just so much fun, isn't it? I think it's the only shopping I really enjoy!

    I know someone who said "Tinkers" was very good and I keep seeing it in stores, too. I'll let you now what I think should I read it first!

    Camille: Thank you, my dear! <3 Well, I have always wanted to be a part of a ballet, so there you go!

    I do recommend Virginia Woolf! Especially "The Waves" since "To the Lighthouse" made me feel somewhat dimwitted. ;)

    That's good that you can still find good things in a week full of cold and homework. Those two things are the worst.

    You are quite, quite welcome! Haha, oh, that made my smile so wide! I'm glad I'm not the only one to appreciate the joys of saying "buttercream" in a British accent! =D

  9. bibliophiles are the best kinds of people. I love this. :)

  10. Indeed they are, though I do say so myself. ;) Thank you!

  11. I am a bibliophile also. I'm new, and a new follower to you. I like this post very much!

  12. I just adore books! I would have a room with bookshelves for walls if I could. I just love to have them surrounding me, ripe for the picking. My bedrrom is turning into a bit of a library, books everywhere, wherever I can fit them. And I just love it! I too am allergic to cats, sadly, since I love them so very much. I would love a black one. But I do love my dog, he is the greatest companion. I do need to make a point to visit a used bookstore soon. Although, like you, I don't have a very steady income right now so I must be careful what I spend on.

    xx and hugs


  13. That's so exciting, congratulations on the part!! i have to admit, i'm a bit jealous, alice in wonderland is my favorite book ;)
    your blog is lovely, the pictures on the sidebar made me long to see North and South again. Isn't it just the loveliest series??


  14. John: Well, welcome aboard my train of thought, fellow bibliophile! Thank you. :)

    Jhordyn Ashley: I would love books all over my walls too! I want one of those huge libraries with ladders and such. That would be incredible! I've always wanted a black cat too. I've had to make do with various rodents since my dad is allergic to dogs. But, it's not too bad, I have quite an affinity for rodents. :)

    char: Thank you very much! Hehe, jealousy is allowed, I completely would jealous as well.
    Oh, yes it is! I love North and South and other such BBC productions. So glad to see you're a fellow fan. :)


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