Monday, March 7, 2011

Thoughts of Spring!

I am going through a barren spell, at the moment. I didn't even notice till the other day I realized I have been writing next to nothing. It's alright, though. I know the words will come back. With a vengeance, undoubtedly, in copious, overwhelming amounts. I have been writing in my journal, though. I thought I'd post this journal entry I wrote last week. It was written on a day that felt like spring. My mother had opened all the windows and I sat on the floor in front of mine and wrote this entry. (It was penned over a period of 20 minutes or so with quite a few pauses in between to revel in the inspiring atmosphere. So, it is a little choppy. Especially since I copied it verbatim from my journal... with a few punctuation and spelling corrections, of course. :P)

{My window! Taken from my seated position on the floor.}

Feb. 28, 2011

I love Spring. I can see why people (stereotypically?) fall in love during springtime. There is something in the air that is most inspiring. An intoxicating scent that makes one feel like doing foolish or impossible things.
Just after I wrote that I impetuously decided to put on a skirt I have worn only once before when I was home alone. It is what I call a "regrettable shade of pink". It is also a rather shocking shade. But there is Spring in the air and I don't care.
I am sitting in front of my window which is open. I was reading "I Capture the Castle" but was captured myself by the bewitching breeze.
It is only 2:09 but it feels hours later. I don't know what the sun is doing but its presence is somewhat lacking.
Bright, sunny days are shallow things, anyway.
The breeze, that temptress, just caressed my cheek & whispered thoughts of rain in my ears.
I have just leaned up against the windowsill to get closer to the intoxicating air. I can hear sounds like raindrops hitting the pavement but I do not see any... Perhaps it is the leftover autumn leaves playing with the breeze.
I wish I could stick my hand out the window but I cannot. Darn window screens!
Ah! It is raining! I couldn't tell by looking at the street or our driveway but I can tell from our neighbour's driveway.
The rain song & scent have become very noticeable now. Though I still cannot see the rain. I can see the effects of it, though. The workmen across the street have stopped working & I just saw someone with an umbrella.
I still want to feel it, though.

My mind is made up:
I'm going outside!
Love, ineffable me

{A corner of my journal and my "regrettable pink" skirt.}

In case you were wondering, I did indeed go outside! I stood on the back porch for a minute or two and got speckled by the raindrops.
Ah, I am remembering how much I love spring. Especially since it feels like winter again here. :(
I cannot decide which I love more, spring or autumn. I seem to love each one most while it is happening. How quixotic of me! Or perhaps I am just forgetful. ;)

What is your favourite season?


  1. we basically only have two seasons here in the tropics--dry and wet--and i can't even decide which one i like better too!

    it still drizzles over here in my country, but with the sun peeking out more often than in the past few months, we know it's gonna be summer soon--that's just what "spring" would be if we have that kind of season :)

    around these months, i'll definitely have to put my beloved rain boots and sweaters away, but yes you are right, it's skirting time and while the plants are a-blooming, it's certainly road trips and days in the parks again

    oh well, it's festival season in my province! =)

  2. I love all the seasons, but right now I'm longing for summer. Where I am, we are trapped in an awful between time. We are half winter and half spring. It's really dreadful :/
    You have such lovely, lovely thoughts dear!
    (and the skirt isn't THAT regrettable :P)

  3. The Midnight Writer: I love my sweaters too but I am also ready for skirts and the things that come with warm weather. :)
    Festival season! That sounds like such fun!

    P.S. - It's good to see your smiling face again! :)

    Ever: Ugh, I hate the in-betweens too. It makes me want to shout "Make up your mind!!!" into the sky. Haha.
    Oh, thank you, dearest. :)
    (Hahaha. Well, for someone who generally wears muted colours, it is a revolutionary piece of clothing. =D)

  4. i guess The Midnight Writer and I came from the same country...♥

    this is another beautiful piece, dear... i always think that people from the other side of the world are blessed with 4 different, beautiful seasons... i want to experience winter and fall, along with spring and to be excited for summer...♥

    much love, haze

  5. That is actually very possible!

    Thank you, darling haze. I've just realized how much I take my four seasons for granted! I should definitely appreciate them more. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  6. My favorite season is always the one I'm in. I guess I'm forgetful too, but that's means I don't mind the weather...well, except right now. My least favorite season isn't even a season; it's the stretch between winter and spring when there's no snow and no green and it's rainy. But c'est la vie.
    Your diary entry has a charming tone; it's poetic and romantic but still real and amusing. When I attempt romanticism I hate including details like those darn window screens, but then I feel fake and silly and then I stop I've reverted to just being silly. If I amuse myself, I can keep a diary. Hehe.

  7. Well, that is a good way to be! Ohh, yes. That part of the year is the worst - doggedly dreary and depressing.

    Usually in my journal I write to amuse myself (or vent!) too. But sometimes, I write things like this! I am such a confusing mixture of realism and romanticism that I find I can hardly have one without the other. I am delighted you think I have hit a happy medium of sorts! I too have had those feelings where I feel like I'm being fake. Amusing oneself is all that really matters in a diary. I think so, anyway. :)

  8. Wow, what a great post! loved reading your journal entry and even seeing your window. I felt like I was there!

    I'd have to say that autumn is my favorite season. I love that the leaves turn such magical colors, the inspiring drinks devised in coffee and tea shops, the vesting of scarves, hats, and long-sleeves, and the sweet relief of the sun.

    However, Florida kind of skips over autumn, so this is all from my memories of living in NY - and that was a very long time ago. So in Florida, it's hot all of the time and then suddenly it's col for, like, two weeks - and in those two weeks it's a lot colder than fall would feel, even though there's no snow here. Because autumn is a myth to me now, I mostly talk about winter. But I can't wait to move someplace where I can see the leaves change again :)

  9. Thank you so much, Kim! I am pleased you felt that way! :)

    Ahhhh, autumn. Good choice! *blissful sigh*

    Bummer! You can move here - we get a pretty good autumn. =D

  10. Pretty pink skirt & handwritten words!

    My favorite season is late spring/early summer when the flowers and trees have blossomed.. I love sun showers when it's really hot outside. Prefer them to thunderstorms...


  11. Thank you, Jade! :)

    I love sun showers too! I don't really like thunderstorms either... Let's just say, I won't hide under the bed but I sure won't be enjoying it! ;)

  12. Oh dearest, I too am longing for spring. We are seeing bits and pieces of it here but nothing too serious. It is supposed to be lovely outside this week which means plenty of long walks, I really should invest in some rubber boots, the snow is melting and everything has become puddles. I just bought myself a little black moleskine yesterday, I love fresh crisp journals to write in. I also love your window, I wish mine was old-fashioned and opened like that. It reminds me of old love stories where girls would sneak out to meet their prince charmings. Great post!

    xx and hugs


  13. You should get some brightly coloured rubber boots! Red with polka dots maybe. That would be fun. :) Oh, I love moleskines and new journals/notebooks in general. All those blank pages are so invigorating! I am rather fond of my window myself, hehe. I've often wished I could crawl out it to meet someone, anyone. Thank you for your lovely comment, dear! :)


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