Tuesday, March 15, 2011

my dreams

These days I've been waking up with my dreams still tangled in my hair. Every morning I painstakingly comb them out of my curls; being careful not to shatter them for my dreams are brittle things {like dried flowers, tiny bird's nests, and glass tears}.

Once untangled, I slip most of the dreams into my abandoned doll's tea set for safekeeping. I know they will be protected in the small sugar bowl and teapot that once held my girlhood fancies.

But the most cherished dreams I do not store away as I should. Instead, I tuck them in the hollow at the base of my neck.

The forgotten dent we all havethat almost seems like a thumbprint left by some greater being.

Throughout my days, touching the dreams that nestle there brings me content.
Sometimes I give in and let them consume me - they are the only sweetness in my bland days.
It is dangerous, I know. These dreams belong to the night where sunlight can't cause them to fade away.
But as long as I keep a dusting of moonlight in my soul surely they will not perish.
{And perhaps they, in turn, will keep me from perishing as well.}

(Postscript: The words have returned as I knew they would. But they have brought luggage with them... Ah yes - hello insecurities. Why, oh why must you travel with my inspiration? It seems I can't have my words back without you grabbing my ankle with your cold little hands.
So, the good news is - I am writing again! The bad news is - nothing I write sounds very good to me. *sigh* It's a vicious cycle.)

{Pictures found here and here.}


  1. We are our own harshest critics dear, anything you write will be lovely.


  2. i have to confess i haven't found it in me to write much recently either. but what ever the reasons for your hiatus are, i'm pleased to see you back. :)

  3. I absolutely love this expression of dreams...it is so imaginative! I once wrote a poem about washing dreams out of my hair. Seems we have similar thoughts. :-)
    Do not be too hard on yourself-- I agree with mckenzie's comment. :)

  4. Ah, this is wonderful. The idea of keeping dreams safe in the hollow of your neck is just too lovely for words, and especially accompanied by the pictures. I understand the feeling of being insecure about your writing, so I won't tell you not to be - but let me assure you, you haven't any need to be. Your every word is always beautiful. x

  5. Melee, this is heart-stoppingly beautiful. It made my breath catch in my throat. You are a star, dearest. xxxxxxxxx

  6. mckenzie: Too true. Thank you, my dear. Your vote on confidence means so much. :)

    John: How sweet of you. :) Yeah, there was no reason, really - just haven't felt like writing lately either!

    Jade: Oh, thank you! That is funny - we really are on similar brain waves! I'll try not to be so hard on myself. Thank you for the encouragement. :)

    Thea: Thank you so much! Your comment is most heartening. I guess we are all doomed to be insecure at times. But with your (and everyone's) words I can feel them retreating. :)

    Sarah: Dearest one, thank you. I never feel anywhere near deserving your loveliest of comments. I love you, darling! <3

  7. everything you write is beautiful to me :)
    this post is like magic to my ears.

  8. haze: Awwww, thank you, dearest! You are so sweet. <3

  9. This is beautiful dearest, all the talk of moonlight, dreams tangled in hair, and hollows in necks is exquisite. We are often very hard on ourselves, but please don't fear, your pieces are lovely!

    xx and hugs


  10. Oh, thank you ever so much, dearest Jhordyn. I do so appreciate your lovely comments. <3

  11. Hi again, Melee, :) I wanted to respond to your comment on my blog... The song I posted is from the Innocence Mission's latest album & that album is excellent (in my opinion.) It is probably my favorite one of theirs now.

  12. Thank you for the reply, Jade! I'll definitely be adding it to my "music-to-buy" list (which is distressingly long but it'll get higher priority since it comes with such a good recomendation and I love the other album I have by them, Befriended). :)

  13. My dear, this is breathlessly beautiful. The little hollow above the clavicle is so perfect for holding dreams, and I'd never thought of that before. Do not ever stop writing, no matter what your insecurities say...

  14. Thank you so, so much, dearest Jenica. I really think that little hollow needs an official name. Though perhaps it already has one, who knows!
    I won't ever stop! Though maybe that should say, I couldn't ever stop... :)

  15. I'm sorry for being late in reading this, but let me assure you that it is amazingly beautiful. Really, truly.

    I love the hiding places for your dreams, especially the concept of the hollow of the neck. I was grinning and sighing while reading this: I wanted to go back to bed and see if I could catch any dreams.

    It's okay to feel a bit insecure about your words; I think, to some extent, every one does. The important part is that you share them - you can worry later, haha. That's whayt I tell myself when I have to do a reading or face workshop. It sounds a bit lame, like there should be better advice, but I think it works.

  16. Ach, don't apologize! Thank you, Kim. I do so love your wonderful comments. :)
    I hope you catch some dreams tonight. I've found draping my hair across the pillow helps. ;)

    Actually, I know what you mean! I think you're right, acting unpremeditatedly (but not rashly) does work well a lot of times.


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