Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Favourite Place

"This," she told her little brother, "is a treasure map!"
Her little brother eyed the tattered piece of paper doubtfully and complacently continued playing with his toy cars.
Unruffled by his disinterest, she continued. "At the end of this map you will find a door... a door that leads to all of my favourite places!
How would you like to go through a wardrobe to a beautiful land where animals talk! We could take Fritz with us and he could tell us what he is thinking!"
By now, her brother had abandoned his toys and was regarding the paper she held with curiosity.
"We could step through a looking glass, even! And be pieces on a giant game of chess! Or we could go to Dictionopolis and eat the very words we say. If we get too full we could go to Digitopolis and eat subtraction stew which makes you hungry instead of full!"
Her little brother's face broke into a smile that was parenthesised by two dimples.
"Oh! Wait," she gasped, "I know where we could go first! A place called Neverland! You get there by flying and you can never get older there, never ever. They have pirates there and indians and fairies and everything! Oh, yes! Let's go there first!" She almost shrieked, hopping up and down with exuberance. "Do you want to?" She asked earnestly peering into the little boy's widened eyes. He nodded vigorously.
"Well, then, off we go!!" She slipped her hand in his and swinging their arms they set off together down that well-worn path... the path that leads to the library.

{Painting: The Land of Enchantment by Norman Rockwell.}


  1. Bibliophiles unite!
    I have this poster. This just reminded me that I also now have somewhere to put it. Yesss!

  2. Bibliophiles are the best!
    That's so cool! I've always wanted a Norman Rockwell picture on my wall. Glad I could remind you! ;)

  3. Wonderful! You have left me with so many lovely comments, but (if I remember correctly) I have given you none. I hope you can forgive me :)

    You are an amazing writer, as I can see reading through your blog. Oh, and refering to your previous post, I too know about those nasty insecurities which constantly bother your writing. I still have to shake them off my shoulders. I know you can too :)

  4. Don't even begin to aplogize for it! Commenting on your blog is a joy which I need no return for, hehe. :)

    Thank you very much. It does me so much good to know I am not the only one to struggle with such insecurities. (Deep down I've always known I was not alone but still, the affirmation helps so much!)

  5. Oh I love this! Thank you for an exquisite piece of writing!

  6. Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it so well. :)

  7. Oh this is delightful! It makes me want to read so desperately and never ever stop! For the past few weeks I've been so busy that I haven't had much time to read (thank you University), but this is inspiring me to never sacrifice the moments I step into the magical and imaginative pages of a book. <3

  8. Thank you, Camille! I'm so glad my words could inspire you. <3
    I know just what you mean. Academics do interfere so much with valuable time one could spend reading... ;)
    I have been reading all I can lately. I dread the day when I shall actually have a life I have to attend to.


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