Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An E.J.B. Poem


She dried her tears and they did smile
To see her cheeks' returning glow
How little dreaming all the while
That full heart throbbed to overflow

With that sweet look and lively tone
And bright eye shining all the day
They could not guess at midnight lone
How she would weep the time away

~Emily Jane Brontë

{I have been writing a lot this week. More than I have in a long time. I stayed up till 1 AM last night working on one of my stories. It is rather strange that I have had such an outpouring of thoughts since I'm also being plagued by self-doubts. They rear their ugly heads every now and then. Oh, how I wish I knew a spell to oust them! So, consequently, nothing I write seems to measure up to some obscure standard I've set. I can never decide if self-imposed standards are beneficiary or just stifling...}

{Picture by and of me.}


  1. Shush those thoughts! You are a lovely writer. I am so glad that the itch has returned to you. ;3

  2. Well that would depend on how attainable they are! Baby steps...that's probably the most beneficial way. But as not wendy said, your writing doesn't deserve doubt. You're very talented.
    (So is Emily Bronte...thanks for sharing the poem.)

  3. you have beautiful writing and that's a terrible shame if you are blind to its power.

    with love,

  4. Firstly, thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Your words really do mean everything to me, they are a soothing balm for my burned skin. <3

    not wendy: Thank you! I really try no to listen to those demons of self-doubt, but I find myself succumbing to their malicious whispers too often. I shall endeavour to ignore them and hopefully dispel them in the process!

    Jenica: Yes, I think you're right. Thank you, dearheart!
    (I do so love Emily's poetry. It's wonderfully drear.)

    Lilah: Oh, thank you. You are incredibly sweet. I admit, appreciating my own merits has never been my forte. :)

  5. I have grown so fond of your writing, ever since I read your blog. I truly appreciate your comments on mine, as well. I love hearing from the open world, letting it prove itself not to be an open void in which I spill my secrets, but a place where others can relate to me, and my life. So, with this, I thank you (:

  6. Oh, you're welcome! And thank you very much! I am glad you appreciate my comments, I do so appreciate yours and have enjoyed reading your blog. It's so nice to know someone is out there listening, isn't it? :)

  7. That poem is beautiful! As are you of course, the self portrait is lovely. :) After reading some of your previous posts, it's obvious you have such a talent and a way with your words. I'm your newest follower, dear. Look forward to reading more! xx

  8. Your sweet comment has certainly made my day eons better than it was! Thank you so much!

  9. Try not to let those thoughts stifle you. They also grin my way at times, and they sting so.
    You have no reason to let them affect you, you are an amazingly talented writer.

  10. Thank you, my dear. Your words are so encouraging. And might I say the same things to you? We can both resolve to try to ignore the stinging lies of those thoughts. <3

  11. Emily Brontë is sweet and sad.

    Beautiful ^^


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