Monday, October 17, 2011

Attempting to seize the day.

I've been playing a game of tag with Time lately and I'm always "it".

I have good intentions, I start my mornings and/or Mondays saying, "Today/this week will be better! I won't waste time!"

Almost without fail, though, something unexpected happens: an event I have to attend or an unexpected visit I have to be a part of. Too often (practically always), it makes me throw up my hands. Sigh, "My good intentions were thwarted! What's the point now?" And like that, my vim is gone; I allow myself to slip back down to inefficient placidity.

I had such a day today. One where I wanted to get things accomplished, as a precursor to the rest of the week, and, of course, the day was essentially a bust.

But, I refuse to give up; I have things to do, and I will get them done, regardless of the extraneous tasks and commitments clamouring for my attention.

I will make progress on my book, I will catch up in my Grammar course, I will respond to correspondences, I will journal, I will clean my room, I will finish that song, and I will do everything else that is slipping my mind at the moment.

...Apparently, inspiration and a can-do attitude fill me tonight. I'm glad! A little leery, but glad.

I will try my hardest to catch and hold every hour that comes my way, if not second.

It's on. *nods*

(P.S. This blog post was completely unplanned till it started writing itself about 30 minutes ago. For some reason, my desire to blog is very strong right now. Of course, the time when I feel I have nothing to say! My mind is very perverse.)

{Screenshot from the film "Before Sunset", and was found on tumblr, undoubtedly.}


  1. Oh, I know how you feel! Except it's usually all my for example, I came home this afternoon, had plans to work on projects, and ended up taking a nap. :P

  2. I know this feeling too! It happens to me every day, whether it is something I should do or something I want to do "I end up doing not much" (a very apt quote from the movie by the way). xx

  3. i really need some uplifting motivation! you have inspired me to write. although i wish i could write beautiful prose as you do. still, love it :)
    but my problem usually is laziness, i start off with the right attitude and mindset, and then slack off! guh. it's terrible. i'm happy for you having a can-do attitude! :)

  4. Hahaha, I feel the same exact way as you do right now! I keep trying to tell myself that things will get done, but really, it's a huge juggling game and, most likely, I'm gonna drop a ball. Or a lot of them :)

    I've caught up with some more human chores I've had to do - like clean my room (starting with the bookshelf, of course). It feels so good to have a clean room again, but then, I'm behind on grading and still have writing projects to catch up on. So it's a tough situation, haha. Stick with it! Soon enough, we'll get some time :)

  5. I'm sure you are doing a lot, so give yourself some credit! :) I know because I am feeling so behind on writing/blogging in general but I just need to take it one step at a time I guess.

  6. Marian: I'm most always the one at fault too. I just use the fact that my plans were interrupted as a sort of excuse, which is something I'm trying to cease. Haha, the best laid plans, eh? Still, an unplanned nap sounds really nice... :)

    E: Yes! Even the things I want to do, not just have to, are left untouched; it's quite sad. But it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one who struggles with this. :)

    gypsy: Aww, thank you. :) Writing more is something you can never regret, I think. Go for it!
    Oh, believe me - laziness plays a big part in this for me as well!
    I am wishing some of my can-do attitude your way! :)

    CloudyKim: Ugh, yes those balls in the air (and irons in the fire) will be the death of us! Or, as my aunt (who is queen of misspeaks) once said: "That's sure a lot of balls in the fire!" ;)

    Well, at least cleaning is getting done! Cleaning helps bring the peace to the mind and therefore helps you accomplish the other things you need to get done. That's my theory, anyhow. :) I hope you catch up soon! Wouldn't a couple longer days be nice?

    Shopgirl: I am doing more than usual, but compared to most it's not a lot. But, you are so sweet. :) One step at a time is, indeed, the way to go! Here are some words from May Sarton I read today that seemed particularly helpful: "...when a task seems impossible, the thing to do is to make a start at once, not wait for the panic and fear of the effort to take over."

  7. How reassuring to know that this is a common problem! Hm, perhaps that shouldn't be reassuring, but it is, at least personally. :)

  8. Hehe... it's as if you were writing for me! oh melee, melee... time has been running toooooo fast lately! i wish i could catch up and say tik-tok, tik-tok :)

  9. You always seem to write about whatever has been on my mind lately, hehe. I've been having a problem where I plan to have a restful and/or focused day, and then I end up wasting most of it complaining about something, or spending too much time listening to music while reloading the same websites again and again, lol.

    I got a feeling of giddiness when I saw that you will be working on your book AND a song. You are really talented so I'm excited to see the results...Take your time though. I've found that consistent slow progress is the best.

  10. haze: Oh gosh, yes! Time runs entirely too fast. Maybe we should gang up on it together; mutiny against Time. :)

    Jade: I could say the exact same thing about you! Haha, that sounds frighteningly familiar...

    Hehe, oh! That makes me really happy that you felt that way. Thank you so much! :) Well, that's good because I am consistently slow, hehe. I do feel considerably heartened after your comment, though! ♥

  11. I have found that just letting time have its ways but not concerning yourself with it is the way to go. I too have pushed important things aside but I feel there is always a reason for it. Try not to pile up too much stuff and allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of spontenaity. If you don't put such pressure on yourself chances are you will get everything done because it won't feel like a chore :)

  12. Oh, yes! I actually sort of do that. Usually, when I have things to get done I make myself aware of them so I can make sure to accomplish the urgent ones, and then I let the other things happen in their own time. So, I think I have a nice medium going. :)

  13. I was musing about some things that seem to be missing on my activities list, I realized that I haven't been blogging and blog walking like I used to when i was still on the graveyard shift...Working through late in the day and stuffed with a lot of things to do prevents me from musing further at night... Just keep the ink flowing, Melee! Reading your blogs soothes me.

  14. Oh, I am always so happy to hear from you, dear! Thank you very much.
    And I hope you can find time to do those things you're missing. :)

  15. This. Is. Me. Every single freaking day of every single freaking week.
    Okay, yeah. So how did it go?

  16. Hahaha, I feel for you!
    It went pretty well, actually! I didn't get every last thing that I wanted done, but I did waste less time and I am satisfied. I can already feel my willpower slipping, though, so now I'm plotting to recapture it... :)

  17. Woopwoop, recapturing willpower! Got any spare?
    I'd like some very much. Also some determination.
    If only these things grew on trees, I'd harvest them, greedily stripping others of their share so that the roots withered any died... Maybe it's best they don't grow on trees.

  18. I'll do inventory and wish all the extras your way, hehe. :)
    Oh, wouldn't that be nice! But you're right, it's probably best that they don't grow on trees. (Which is true for so many things we need... *sigh*)

  19. Oh, I feel like this all the time (how ironic). But I find that the internet has a big part to play in my constant meandering and procrastination. In fact, I am about to go and have a shower this very instant, instead of browsing Blogger... ahem.

  20. Oh trust me, if I had gone into specifics about what helps keep me distracted, the internet would have been at the very top of the list. Psh! Who needs hygiene when there are blogs to be read? ;)


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