Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Silence is priceless.

I've been try to weave a tent of words to hide in... but the softest wind topples it to the ground.
Why can I never be alone? Their abrasive voices always find me.
I would so love to be alone...
Because when people are nearby making noise, I am reminded of their presence.
Even if it's just a sniffing or a rustling... it ties me to the real world.
The sounds they make are ropes, binding me to the things I want to escape.
Silence is much more precious than gold.
Silence is priceless.
I wish people would stop referring to silences as awkward.
Why can't we embrace the quiet?

If I have to fill my silence it will be with the sounds of my favourite musicians.

I've been listening to the girl with the lemonade voice again. The songs from the days when it was just her and a guitar and a boy and a guitar.
I've missed them.
I've been missing the place they sing about.
And I don't even know where it is...

Ah, my lovelies. This past week there has been an inexplicable sadness trailing behind me. It's nothing serious - I hope it is just the winter settling in my ventricles. But I am unable to concentrate. Probably why I have been endeavouring to find silence; in hopes it will give me what I can't hold.
So, I've been holing up in my room, re-reading books like Miss Bishop and I Capture the Castle. And listening to The Finches, remembering summer days swinging in the backyard with my ipod. Back when sunlight barely pierced the canopy of leaves.
I have felt rather absurd in my quest for quiet and solitude. Indeed, it has wreaked havoc on my affability. But still... I desire it more than anything at the moment.

I am curious... what do you, my dearest readers, want at this moment?

{Both pictures were taken by me. I messed with the contrast on the first one. It kind of looks like I have red hair. I don't really, the light was shining on my hair and I have [natural!] red highlights.}


  1. oh yes, silence is gold and it should be appreciated. sometimes though you can get engulfed by it and find it hard to escape... I hope your sadness would not last long, keep listening to beautiful music and you will notice it truly helps :)

  2. my dear Melee,
    1.i wish you well. I wish you'll find the silence that you need and i wish you happiness too...

    2.your poem is amazing, as always. did you put the audio player? i tried divshare but i can't get the embed code for blogger :'( this moment, i just want to be perfectly happy... and a job too!

    5.I just awarded you the most versatile blogger award.♥

    loves, haze

  3. Oh I can so relate to this! When I read your words, it's like finding a hidden part of myself. :) Living with others and noise can be exhausting. I am a lover of silence, too, which is why I wake up early in the morning when others are still asleep. :) When there's nothing else I can do since silence is becoming extinct, I try to tune out the sounds, so that I don't get too frustrated.

  4. Oh yes, yes. You are so beautiful Melee, and so are your words. This post is so perfect; you are such a rare jewel. Silence is indeed inutterable bliss; I so wish more people thought like you. I love you so much. <3 xxxx

  5. Water...I'm so thirsty. But I know just what you mean; I feel the same way about silence. It's terribly underrated. I don't understand the people who always must fill the silence...
    I too have been having trouble concentrating lately.

  6. E: That is true too. I suppose too much of anything is not good! Thank you, my dear. I will. :)

    haze: 1. Thank you, dear. :)
    2. Thank you! You are absolutely lovely.
    3. Hmm... The problem may be the format of the file. Is the file an mp3? If it is, the embed code should be there... But if it's not an mp3, you can convert the file using a site like Let me know if that helps! If not, I can try to help some more. :)
    4. I do hope you get both of those things.
    5. Awwww, thanks! <3

    Jade: Oh! That one of the best things any one could say to me! That's a good idea. Regrettably, I hate getting up early. But I do stay up later than everyone else so I get a little bit of midnight quiet.

    Sarah: Oh, dearest - thank you. I wish I could eloquently tell you how much your comment means to me, but I cannot find words strong enough. I love you too, dearest sparrow-heart. <3

    Jenica: Haha, now I'm thirsty too...
    It is underrated, indeed! Here's hoping we can both find some concentration.

  7. !!! I Captured the Castle?! I've wanted to read it/watch the movie after seeing it pop up on youtube. It looks so beautiful, and I've gotten into the habit of watching the daydream kiss scene clip over and over (I've read that relationship doesn't work out, and I'm sure there's a reason for it... but it still makes me sad).

    Silence, quiet, solitude - they're worth trying to find. I usually can't take too much of it, preferring music playing while I write most of the time. I do, however, get easily distracted when I hear my mom's shoes scraping the tile. I tense - I think she's looking for me to clean. Hahaha.

    I love the part you wrote in the beginning: "Even if it's just a sniffing or a rustling... it ties me to the real world.
    The sounds they make are ropes, binding me to the things I want to escape."

    I love the image. It's very beautiful and sad.

    What do I want? I'd really like some extra time. Juggling writing projects is only fun when you have enough time to dedicate to chipping away at them. I'd like a few hours this weekend to finish something. That's would be great.

    I hope you find your moments of silence. And if you want to include music, listen to your iPod before going to sleep. With my favorite artists, I feel like I can really hear them with the lights out and the natural quiet :)

  8. I have only seen clips from the movie but I would highly recommend the book - it's one of my favourites. The tone of the movie seems a little different from the book but it still might be good; I don't know, really!

    Thank you very much. :)

    Extra time is good! Maybe the sun will stop in place for a few hours... wouldn't that be nice?

    I love listening to music before going to sleep! That's my absolute favourite time to listen to music. I have to be careful, though, since I have a tendency to fall asleep and then I wake up lying on top of my ipod with my headphones twisted around my body... hahaha...

  9. thanks for the suggestion, Melee. I'll do that next time. Haha! And thank you for the comment on my last post. You are lovely!♥

  10. I agree, silence is more precious than gold. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it made me smile. :)

  11. I must agree with you dearest, silence is so very precious and solitude can be the best of company at times. Lovely words dear, I do hope you find your happiness soon. I too miss spring and summer days, winter is begining to dim me.

    xx and hugs


  12. haze: Hope it works for you! Aww, thank you. You are lovely too!

    Kaleidoscope Girl: I am happy you are like-minded in that respect! You are welcome - I am delighted my comment could make you smile. :)

    Jhordyn Ashley: I am glad you feel the same way. Thank you, my dear. The winter is dimming me too - that is an excellent way of putting it.

  13. It really wasn't what I'd hoped it to be, unfortunately. Although it took months for me to realise this. Things don't always work out I guess.
    I hope you're doing ok, I'd love to be alone a lot of the time as well, but it doesn't happen as much as I wish it to, or when it does, it happens more than I'd like it to. (If that makes sense). My day has been like your week, it seems, but I hope yours gets better :)
    As to your question, I'd like things to go the way I want them to. For once. I'd like to be a first choice, rather than a second or a third. That would be nice :)

  14. I'm sorry. That's too bad. But I guess it's good to know that finally and not try to delude yourself.
    I think I'm doing alright, actually! :) Oh, yeah! That makes perfect sense. Thank you; I hope tomorrow (or would that be today, already?) goes a lot better for you too.
    It gets so wearisome being an afterthough, doesn't it? I hope someday that desire happens. :)


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