Tuesday, April 13, 2010

{smile weakly, change the subject}

I have no desire to be thin-skinned… And I usually do have a fully developed sense of humour. It’s just that…
{some days it is so hard to find the strength to laugh at one’s self.}


  1. Aww Melee I absolutely adore this blog - and the concept of this blog, a midnight train of thought is a delightful idea and I would love to sneak inside your wonderful mind. Now why was I not informed of this treasure, hmmm? ;) haha.

    And your comment about spelling my name with an 'a' and no 'h' at the end made me smile ever so much; you are suh a dear Melee, you never fail to warm my spirit! And do you know, that is the weirdest thing; I have always longed to be spelt 'Sara' like the heroine, it is much prettier! :)

    And I adore Sara Crewe and am very happy indeed you were thinking about her because I keep having the most frightful depressing thoughts that classic literature gems like A Little Princess may die out because our generation isn't reading them so there'll be no-one to pass them down...well, you fully restored my hope in that!

    Oh dear, I have completely rambled there,sorry my lovely. It's just I really do feel I can talk to you are one of the sweetest cleverest souls I know. I do wish I knew you in real life, we would have the most interesting conversations...

    Anyway,I really must stop writing, but I am delighted to find this new blog of yours! :)

    Do take care, and stay always as you are!

  2. Awww, Sarah!! You are so sweet! :)

    My sister and I have always loved Sara without an "h" too! (Haha, it's like Anne with an "e"!)
    My sister said it always made her think of an adorable little girl with brown hair and an elfin smile. Or something to that extent. :)

    When I was 10 or so I was in the play (actually it was a musical, haha) "A Little Princess"! I played Sara Crewe. It wasn't a very big performance or anything but definitely one of my favourite memories. :)
    I certainly hope classics like that will never die out! People like us will have to keep them alive. :)

    I don't mind you rambling! I do it often enough myself! =D
    I think so too! I wish I really knew you as well. If you ever want to email me you can! {peculibletree@aim.com}

    Take care, dearest!


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