Monday, July 5, 2010

Unspoken annoyance.

"You look beautiful tonight."
"It's lovely to see you."
"I love you, dearest. Be mine!"
Would all have been acceptable things to say to me tonight.
Instead you are staring... at me, I presume. Though perhaps you are just blanking out.
I know you haven't lost your voice, please don't act as though you have.
Pardon me, if I bore you why don't you go find someone else to dance with? I'm sure you have scores of girls simply waiting for you to fling them a crumb. Heaven knows, I am not such a puppy.
Do I detect a hint of one of your superior, amused smirks?
It's not as if we've never met before. Remember me? I've known you since we were children!
This song seems to drag on forever.
Please say something. I'm nervously chattering on like a loon! I'm sure I'm living up you your expectation of me.
Finally! The dance is ending. Now I shall awkwardly pull myself away; mumbling inconsequential things and tripping over my feet.
Ah well, I suppose it could have been worse... But I wouldn't bet on it.

{Picture: "An Elegant Soiree" by Victor Gilbert.}


  1. Aww, dearest <3 I just realised you sent me an e-mail I haven't replied to; I shall do in due course. :) xx

  2. Don't worry about it! I am actually usually VERY bad at replying to emails in a timely fashion! :)


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